Monday, April 4, 2011

Milton Keynes launches poetry competition for Will and Kate's wedding

Milton Keynes is hardly the dreaming spires of Oxford but the new town has come up with an interesting competition for National Poetry Month, namely to find a poet to pen nuptials for Will and Kate's Royal Wedding.

The mayor of Milton Keynes has asked residents to submit the nuptial verse, the Huffington Post reports.

 Milton Keynes is the home of the Newport Pagnell firm, a family business that is one of four producers of fine vellum parchment in the world, The firm is making the parchment for the official royal wedding certificate, and the winning poem will be printed on a sheet of that same remarkable parchment and presented as a wedding gift to the royal couple.

The Huffington Post also reveals a competition that offers the kind of cash your average impoverished poet could never dream of.

The first annual Montreal International Poetry Prize will award $50,000 for one winning poem. You don't need to be published to enter. You only need to have written a great poem.


  1. Hmmm. I could use 50k. Now if only I was a poet...

  2. $50,000 would be quite a win!

  3. well it's worth becoming one for 50k Samantha; I agree Daisy