Sunday, November 18, 2012

Les Buffham wins two awards at Western Music Association event

I realized a couple of minutes ago I hadn't posted on this blog since July. Is poetry really dead in my life or am I too busy? A combination of both, perhaps. And while this site did rather well without me it has crashed of late.

Anyhow I was woken from my slumber by the earth shattering news that songwriter Les Buffham of Saugus has picked up two awards Saturday night at the Western Music Association’s annual awards banquet in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Yee haw and all that.

Buffham was apparently named Male Poet of the Year, while his song, “No Wilder Place,” cowritten with singer Mary Kaye, was named Song of the Year.

 Buffham, who won his first WMA Song of the Year award in 1997 for “Below the Kinny Rim,” which he co-wrote with Michael Fleming, who organizes Santa Clarita’s annual Cowboy Festival.

It all goes to show poetry is thriving out west, even if cowboy poetry may not be to everyone's taste.