Thursday, October 6, 2011

Verse of the Day - Mark R. Slaughter

It must be fall again. The leaves are about to fall and the evenings have a chill tinge to them. I have neglected this blog for some time but give it fleeting glances every now and again. Like the feeble and fleeting sun on the lake in fall.

Pirouetting Autumn by Mark R. Slaughter

The tree blushed - a rude blast of air
Betrayed a shapely bough.
My saddened heart aware
That Nature's clock was chiming,
I froze upon the twelfth
Clanging tone, caught alone,
Staring at a creaking door -

Left ajar for dancing, coloured Autumn,
Pirouetting in her leaves,
While agitated summer creatures
Backed away resignedly,
Sighing in protracted breves.
I turned; gave company;
We stood together, watching
Summer slowly blow away.


  1. I'm holding onto summer as long as I can. ha! It's gorgeous weather here today, but I know it isn't going to last much longer. Nice poem. The first line and then the last line tying it up again were my two favorites.

  2. for real Daisy - but it's still pleasant here at the end of October