Thursday, September 1, 2011

Poetry on the streets of London

I have neglected this blog recently due to a trip to England. London may lack the romance of Paris but there's certainly poetry on these teeming streets; on the sides of the Tube and among the wacky performers at Covent Garden.

I'm not sure Londoners would be very interested in this poem or have a view on whether it's good or bad. True to my most random moments I plucked it out of mid air. The Internet is made for acts of wild and abandoned randomness. I highly recommend it.

However, the good folks of London are probably far too busy looting flat screen TVs to care.

London Baby by Mohammed Nashir

Who doesn’t miss London?
It is heaven on earth
Everything in one city
People bustling
No Crime
A life of phantom
Excellent Lyrics
Listen to this while I spit
London Baby
The hustle and bustle
The muscle and london’s Hollywood
Don’t miss it for one second
Never leave
Who wants to live in a boring small town
Live in London Baby
Not for the OAP
For the Messy
City People
Not for the faint of heart


  1. I think in cities there are the people who can tap into the positive energy that is certainly abundant in any city. But hand in hand with the positive energy is the negative energy which grips a large percentage of the population and makes them live lives of grim determination.

  2. I've never been to London, and doubt that I'll ever have the opportunity to go there, but I like this poem. It seems to capture the essence of the city as I imagine it would be.

  3. Not for the faint of heart, no! Neither is the poem. I love the buzz of this poem. :)

  4. and you really see this in third world cities, Suzzy. You should try to go Daisy. I know what you mean Jayne - it has a certain buzz. I'm not quite sure about it, tho