Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Maria Bethania wins Brazilian Poetry Lottery

Maybe I'm doing something wrong here and clearly I'm not as photogenic as Maria Bethania, but since when has a poetry blog made money.

Apparently Bethania, a popular singer/songwriter in Brazil, has just landed a R$1.3 million deal ($783,000)  to create an erudite blog dedicated to that fine, age-old art no one really reads except for college students: poetry.

The Cultural Ministry is funding the million Brazilian real endeavor, according to Folha de Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest daily.

In the immortal words of Charlie Sheen that's what I call "winning."


  1. Why on Earth does she needs so much [public] money to create a blog about poetry whereas hundreds of thousand of people do it for free?

    It seems to me as an abuse of a good mechanism created to help artists who struggle for financing their projects, which usually are plays, films or something alike, not blogs!!!

    I think that she really doesn't need this money that could make a huge difference for other artists in the beginning of their careers.

    But in Brazil it is very usual that public money go to the hands of those who have enough, sadly.

  2. Well, lucky her, I guess. Nice to know somebody somewhere is making money from poetry! :)

  3. Angelo, I agree with you. Totally.

  4. well you can't put a price on poetry guys, but thanks for commenting and visiting my normally unvisited blog.

  5. Hi David- Maybe its the songwriter touch. Well I'm selling poetry from Amazon and Smashwords from my blog and some are now placing Amorphous Angelic on their To-read lists at Goodreads, but this figure is amazing!

  6. that's cool - good luck with it Jacqueline.