Friday, February 25, 2011

Hobo poet reaches the end of the line

A hobo poet known as "Iowa Blackie" has died at the age of 62, the Chicago Tribune has reported.

Officials with the New Hampton Police Department say the hobo, whose real name was Richard Gage, was found dead in his home in New Hampton on Thursday. He was 62.

Here's one of Blackie's poems.

Please Give Me A Railroading Job by Iowa Blackie

I here and now make an appeal
For a good job of railroading
Out on that rumbling rolling steel
Or if need be even loading

Give me a chance and I will work
At that about which I know best
My duties not ever to shirk
And stand up proper to the test

While lacking a record of such
Assuredly I know my stuff
By with such things keeping in touch
And kept at it when thing got tough

What things I do not know I will
Be studying until I do
Attain what ever needed skill
At what I am expected to

All I ask is an even chance
For proving by abilities
Whatever need be to enhance
Much greater opportunities


  1. Interesting poem. You never know who has a poet's soul hiding within them, I guess. :)

  2. Ok, if he was a hobo, how come they found him is his home? Just a wond'rin.

  3. Thanks Daisy, who would have known? you do raise a good point, Nick.